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Skin Deep

Written by Askellie <3



Content Warning: Noncon, sexual slavery, body horror, underage voyeur, dirty talk, oral




“Hey, look at this!”


Honey grunts as a thrown cushion smacks into his skull, knocking him abruptly out of an extremely overdue nap. The sour glare he shoots in Chara’s direction doesn’t deter their mischievous smirk, and reluctantly he drags himself from the window seat to join them on the bed.


“What?” he asks around a rudely blatant yawn. Anything worth waking him up over better be important. They pointed eagerly at one of the screens, and it takes a few bleary blinks to clear his vision enough to identify Xet’s room. There are several cameras in there, but the one Chara is using looks directly down onto the bed where a suspicious lump is undulating beneath the sheets. The thin material doesn’t quite manage to hide the bright glow of green beneath it that tantalisingly outlines larger, more solid shapes than bone can account for. “Huh.”


“Is he jerking off?” Chara asks gleefully.


There aren’t too many reasons for Xet to have that much of his ecto-body summoned. Honey can’t resist a lascivious grin of his own. “Looks like it. You wanna just watch, or should I go give him a hand?”


Chara gives an imperious sniff. “Go help. If he’s doing it on his own, you can’t have been taking care of him properly.”


It’s an oblique admonishment, one that Honey’s happy to ignore. He’s been giving Xet a bit of space and time to recover from his last punishment. It barely takes more than a pointed look to get the other skeleton cringing from him, and his behavior has been almost desperately obedient, though still more inept than his supposed history would seem to account for. It’s enough that Honey can afford to treat him with a light hand, though much like with Edge’s training, it seems Xet’s body has come to expect a certain amount of regular handling. The thought appeases him. Now he has a chance to make up for his slight miscalculation, and ensure he didn’t cause too much of a setback in Xet’s integration into the household.


“Fine, fine,” he says, as if it’s a great inconvenience. Let Chara feel like they’ve successfully chastised him; this’ll work out in his favour, which means it’s worth losing his nap over. “Use the camera in the other corner. It’ll give you a better view.”


With that instruction, he leaves Chara’s room for the connecting wing where the rest of the harem sleep. It’s far enough away to give a pretence of safety whilst being close enough for Honey to check on them during the night if he needs to. He could use the cameras, but whilst they offer a convenient means of ensuring everyone is where they should be, it’s often more important to get a feel for the emotional landscape of each occupant. At rest, monsters tend to let their souls radiate a little more of their feelings than usual, and if Honey lets his own guard down he can catch brief glimpses, like tuning into a weak radio frequency.


By habit, he stops briefly at each door to check in. The room he and Blue share (when Chara isn’t demanding his company) radiates a drowsy contentment and the satisfying kind of exhaustion that comes from a hard day’s work. Sans’s room is an empty echo -- wherever he is tonight, it’s not in there, but that’s a frequent enough occurrence that Honey doesn’t find it strange. Edge’s presence ripples at his passing, alert enough to notice Honey, but content to stay curled protectively around Red’s more subdued, sleeping ambience. Papyrus’s vibrant energy is still for a change, serene as a still pool instead of the usual fountain of bubbling emotions. It’s as peaceful a night as Honey ever gets, which is enough to bring a small smile to his face as he moves on to the final room at the end of the hall.


He stops in front of Xet’s door, expecting to feel the heady simmer of arousal, but instead he catches a stifled undertone of distress and horror. He pauses uncertainly, wondering if that snatch of emotion might have come from elsewhere -- a passing guard or a servant -- but it’s gone before he can try to chase down its origin. Just in case, he closes himself off again, protecting himself from any stray sentiment. It’s as reflexive as a survival instinct. He’s been with Chara long enough to learn how to keep emotion from affecting him, whether it’s his own or from other people.


Knocking is a courtesy Xet doesn’t deserve. Honey enters without preamble to the sound of an outraged yelp, kicking the door closed behind him as Xet frantically digs his way out from under the covers. He’s very careful to keep his lower body hidden, Honey notes with amusement, as if the blatant glow hasn’t already given him away.


“What the fuck?!” Xet snarls, more aggressive than he’s dared to be with Honey since his punishment. There’s a vibrant flush across his snout, and a wild look in his eyelights. Honey knows it’s fear simmering behind the pretense of anger. Wholly justified; pets aren’t allowed to relieve themselves without supervision, though Honey can’t remember if Xet has been explicitly informed of that rule, or if it’s another that he and Chara have conveniently forgotten to mention. Either way, Xet clearly thinks he’s in trouble. His flustered, defensive posture prompts Honey to loosen his own body language to easy nonchalance, moving forwards in slow, measured increments.


“Hey pet,” he greets, enjoying the flicker of disgust that always crosses Xet’s face at the name. “I noticed you were having some trouble sleeping.”


An interesting kaleidoscope of emotions crosses Xet’s expression. Dread, discomfort, aggravation and wide-socketed panic. “I’m fine,” he insists quickly. “Gonna sleep right now, so you don’t have to-”


He cuts off with a whine of dismay as Honey reaches the foot of the bed and begins crawling towards him, clearly undeterred by the protest. “Come on, why don’t you let me give you a hand with that? It’s selfish to keep it all to yourself.”


Xet scoots back, his spine hitting the headboard with an audible thunk. He’s holding the sheet like he thinks it can save him, scrunching it desperately in his lap like he can smother his arousal out of existence. “N-no, no, it’s fine, I don’t need-”


Honey grabs the blanket and gives it a sharp tug. The flimsy material tears, but most if it is yanked from Xet’s grip, enough to leave him exposed. Honey’s pleased to see that Xet’s already discarded his pants, leaving his hips and thighs exposed. The lime green ecto-flesh is sleek and shapely, and though Xet’s tail tries to curl shyly to conceal what’s between his legs, Honey deftly peels it back to look at what he’s working with.


It’s not at all what he expects.


“Uh…” It’s not often Honey is struck completely speechless, but for several long seconds he can only stare dumbly, caught between the urge to violently recoil and the fascinated compulsion to look closer. His pause gives Xet time to grab one of the pillows and cover himself again, breaking Honey’s daze.


“Get out,” Xet grits out, but beneath the dangerous growl there’s a note of helpless uncertainty. He doesn’t sound any better equipped to deal with this problem than Honey is.


“Is that, uh…” Honey blinks, trying to reconcile the malformed horror that’s taken shape in Xet’s magic. “Were those teeth? And eyes?”


The pillow in Xet’s lap bulges in an unsettling way. Xet quickly shoves it back down with both hands, trying to keep it still. “Just...leave, okay? I’m trying to dispel it and you’re. Not. Helping.”


“Dude, your pussy just winked at me,” Honey says. “I don’t think you wanna be left alone with that thing.”


Xet makes a strangled sound, clearly conflicted. It’s only now that Honey can smell the slightly cloying, acrid smell of warped magic and see that the flush on Xet’s bones is exertion, not arousal. That he’s not in control of his magic is a bad sign, and one Honey should have caught sooner.


“It’s okay,” he says in his most soothing voice, reaching out carefully to take Xet’s hands in his own. Gently, he begins to pry them away from the pillow, encouraging them to loosen their frantic grip. “You’re gonna be fine. You just need to relax. The more you force it, the harder it’ll be.”


“I know that!” Xet hisses, tail thumping anxiously against the mattress. It’s more honest than Xet’s mouth, which is curled into a forbidding snarl, but incrementally he lets Honey pry the pillow from his uncooperative grip, revealing the grotesque magic that currently has a stranglehold of his pelvis and femurs.


Honey fights down a shudder of revulsion, trying to keep his expression unaffected. He’s seen some unusual configurations of ecto-flesh before, but never something so blatantly wrong and grotesque. The inside of Xet’s thighs are scoured with deep slits that look at first glance like grievous injuries until one peels back to reveal a milky eye. It’s weeping fluid, bulging like an inflamed boil, lolling obscenely between the two flaps that make up its lids. Even as he watches, a second one opens up at the crux of Xet’s hip, staring blankly at him. Honey’s not sure if they’re even developed enough to be functional for sight, but the effect is unsettling nonetheless.


Closer to Xet’s groin, the deformation is even more extreme. There’s no identifiable genitalia, just a knotted, uneven mass blooming from his pubic bone that looks disturbingly like a tumor. It’s perched like an ugly gargoyle above a jagged slit that might be hiding some kind of opening, but the edges are hewn with jagged spines of bone. They’re long and curved, like fangs, but flex and swivel more like stunted phalanges, gnashing aggressively in Honey’s direction. It would strike him as absurdly hilarious if the situation wasn’t so delicate.




Xet looks like a spooked animal on the verge of bolting, as if the malformation of his magic wasn’t a poignant enough signal of his unstable state. Trauma for monsters can manifest in unusual ways. Magical dysfunction is one of the most common, though Honey’s never seen such an extreme case of it. He keeps hold of Xet’s hands, both to keep him from trying to flee, and also to squeeze his phalanges with steady reassurance.


“You’ve gotta be calm,” Honey tells him, nudging Xet’s knees apart so he can kneel between them. The tooth-like spines lash back and forth with upset, and he does his best to ignore them. “Your jaw still looks fine, so it hasn’t all gotten away from you. Just ease up a bit. Take a deep breath.”


Xet tries to both obey and growl at him, the latter counter-productive to the former. It takes a few seconds of uneven huffing before he finally manages to draw a proper, deep breath, his gaze fixed on Honey like a lifeline.


“That’s right.” Honey carefully unwinds his fingers from Xet’s and instead places his hands -- lightly, reluctantly -- on Xet’s knees where the magic is almost normal. He strokes lightly with the sides of his thumbs, careful to avoid any of the ragged gouges. Xet’s own self-disgust and horror will only be making it harder to concentrate, so Honey does his best to accept calming self-acceptance whilst ignoring the malformed lumps under his fingers.


“Lean back,” he directs in the same soft voice he uses on Chara when they plead for a story to help them sleep. “Close your sockets, if you like. Everything’s fine.”


The ugly, guilty thought strikes him that if he used those same words on Edge, he’d get instant relaxation. Xet’s not quite so (broken) trusting, but he does let his eyes close with a shaky exhale, the painful tension in his spine and shoulders loosening by a few tentative increments. Even the eyes on his thighs blink sleepily and slowly fold shut, which Honey is immensely grateful for.


“Okay,” he says, swallowing down the anxious knot in his own throat. “I’m going to have to touch you.”


Xet flinches, his held breath turning into a plaintive whine of protest, though now that his sockets are closed he doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to open them again.


Honey gives his trembling femurs a reassuring squeeze. “I know, it sucks, but it’s easier for magic to dispel when it’s fufilled its purpose, so…”


“Fuck,” Xet breathes. “You’re gonna…?”


“Yep,” Honey says, trying to sound more confident than he feels. This is his mess, though, and his duty to fix it as best he can. He doesn’t want another fuckup like Edge resting on his conscience. “So just sit back, buddy, and let me give you a good time.”


Xet lets out a sound that’s halfway between a laugh and a scoff, but he must truly be desperate because he stays still and pliant, fists clenched against the mattress and sockets squeezed tightly shut. His legs fall open, giving Honey better access to the bewildering construct he’ll be working with. Even with the creepy eyes hidden away, the disfigurement is viscerally off putting. Honey weakly consoles himself with the reminder that  it’s not nearly the worst thing he’s had to do in Chara’s service.


“Tell me if anything hurts,” Honey says, forcing his hands to creep higher, where the flesh of Xet’s thighs is split with craggy vents. Even though they look like wounds, they aren’t, though he’s mindful that with all the deformation there might be misplaced nerves close to the surface. He tests that assumption, letting the tip of a phalange graze along some of the raw looking tissue. Xet’s breath shakes, air hissing between his teeth, but it’s not a sound of pain. Honey touches it again, tracing the gouge with his finger, and Xet’s next sound is more of a stifled whimper, hips twitching uncertainly from the stimulation.


It’s a relief to know there’s still some lingering trace of arousal to work with. Even though his magic hasn’t formed properly, its presence suggests Xet must have been looking to get off before things went wrong. A changed mind or inner conflict might explain why it ended up looking like something from a horror-show instead of his usual junk. It’s particularly curious that the shape looks more like a pussy, which is very much not Xet’s genital preference. That misstep might be another reason his magic rebelled, twisting into an uncooperative, unwilling form.


Honey lingers on Xet’s thighs, laving them with ardent attention, working both of them up whilst giving his nerves time to settle. The part he’s most nervous about touching is guarded behind those wickedly curved fangs, though now that Xet’s started to relax their vicious snapping. They’re lying nearly flat, criss-crossing over the slit-like opening like a bear-trap, but now they seem almost docile. Honey dares to stroke his knuckles along the crux where Xet’s leg meets his groin, dangerously close to the roots of the teeth.


“You gonna open up for me, pet?” he asks, though it’s more of a stalling tactic than a sincere request. He’s not sure whether Xet has any real control of his magic even though he’s much calmer than before.


“Fuck I hate your dirty talk,” Xet grumbles. The hint of his usual belligerence actually makes Honey grin.


“Uh huh. So how come it still gets you wet?” Honey teases. He’s not actually sure of the hint of slickness oozing from beneath the teeth is actually arousal or some kind of pseudo-saliva, but either way, it’ll make things easier for both of them.


Xet’s flush brightens. “I-it’s just ‘cuz you’re touching me! Not ‘cuz of what you said.”


“Uh huh,” Honey’s tone is unconvinced. He dares to lean closer, releasing a warm, wet breath across Xet’s groin, licking at his teeth. “You sure you’re not thinking about all the other things I could be doing with my mouth?”


“Oh fuck,” Xet hisses, spine arching as his tail gives the sinuous wag that Honey has learned to mean he’s finally on board with the proceedings. The little fangs across his crotch give an excited wriggle and then peel back, retracting into the skin until only the nub-like tips peek out. The slit beneath is lined with uneven scar-like tissue, but before either of them can change their mind about it, Honey lunges forward and presses his mouth against it, tongue already summoned to delve wetly along the crevice.


Thankfully the taste and texture is still very much what he’s used to, as is the way Xet gives a howl of pleasure, body bucking eagerly against him until Honey has to pin his hips down so as not to lose his rhythm.


“Oh yes, fuck, come on, lick it,” Xet pants, hands planting themselves on Honey’s skull to grind against his face. “Deeper you little bitch.”


Normally a comment like that -- even uttered unintentionally in delight at Honey’s oral skills -- would get Xet a reprimanding bite and timeout in the playroom, but Honey’s mindful that in this position Xet might very well be able to bite him back, and if Xet’s incoherent enough to forget his manners then he might just be able to come with his malformed junk. Honey scowls, but obliges, lengthening the magic of his tongue so he can delve more deeply along Xet’s slit. He’s searching for a deeper passage, a proper entrance, either there isn’t one or it’s not placed where his tongue can find it. He does discover a hard little bud buried deep within the folds of flesh, and touching that seems to drive Xet absolutely wild. He splutters a litany of frantic curses, nearly losing his hold on Honey as his body jerks and trembles its way towards orgasm.


He’s so close, Honey can taste it (in that salty sweet fluid, the origin of which Honey doesn’t let himself think about). He focuses on the little nub, flicking it with his tongue. It swells helpfully, growing larger and seeming to yearn towards him. He’s pretty sure it’s an analogue for Xet’s clit, similar in size and shape, although there’s an odd, rough texture under his tongue -- a circular indentation, small and solid, hardened like a callous or a brand-


-or a burn, he realises belatedly. A cigarette burn, like the one he’d left on Xet during his last punishment. It shouldn’t have persisted. Ecto-flesh doesn’t keep injuries once it’s dispelled, which was how he can satisfy Chara’s sadism without leaving permanent marks on the harem. There’s no reason for the burn to persist unless Xet formed it himself, willingly or not.


Thankfully, Xet seems oblivious to his shock or hesitation, and with one final undulation of his hips he finally lets out a loud, satisfied groan, his body shuddering with climax. Honey pulls back, wiping his mouth and watching with perverse fascination as the unnatural eyes in Xet’s flesh flutter and roll and then evaporate away along with the rest of his body. The skin peels back, leaving only sweaty bones behind, with a few splashes of sticky, green-tinted residue around the pubic bone.


“Okay...fuck…” Xet gasps, slowly coming down from his high. “Guess your mouth is good for something.”


Honey snorts, unoffended. “Aww, you’re such a sweet-talker. Also, you’re welcome.”


“Yeah, yeah,” Xet grumbles, arduously rolling over, trying to collect his composure and his dignity. Under his breath, almost too low for Honey to hear, he mutters, “Was your fucking fault anyway.”


Honey frowns at that, though Xet’s probably not wrong. Still, he’s been as soft as he can afford to be with their newest acquisition, so he reaches out and casually cuffs Xet upside the skull before he can settle. “Don’t think you’re getting off that easy. You need to clean up anyway, so you can pay me back by sucking me off in the shower.”


“Oh come ooooon,” Xet protests, giving Honey a pitiful look. It’s a surprisingly effective kicked-puppy-dog face, considering he’s such an asshole. “I’m beat. Can’t I do it in the morning?”


“Nope,” Honey says cheerfully, turning Xet’s soul blue with a sweep of his hand and using the pull of gravity to yank Xet off the bed and onto the floor. The cursing and flailing does a lot to improve his mood. “Come on, get moving.”


Xet mutters all kinds of vile things under his breath, but reluctantly untangles himself and staggers to his feet. Honey watches for any more signs of unusual manifestations or soreness, but he seems to be moving fine. He’ll have a better chance to investigate once he gets Xet into the bathroom to properly feel up his bones.


Before he leaves, he turns to the camera in the corner and makes the gesture he and Chara use to communicate when it’s too dangerous to be overheard.


We need to talk, he signals silently before following Xet out the door.