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Any rule worth breaking

Written by Askellie



Content Warning: Noncon, sexual slavery, large insertions, painful penetration, nontraditional dick, cum inflation, overstimulation, breeding bench, clit torture, cig burning, enema (sorta), & underage voyeur




It’s only now that Xet realises that he’s never seen Honey get angry before.


The spectrum of Honey’s moods has ranged from smugness to exasperation to irritation, but no

matter how frustrated or annoyed he gets, there’s never been any hint of real rage in him.


Until now.


Xet’s bare bones are prickling, almost rattling from the electric potential of something dangerous

seething in the air like an oncoming thunderstorm. Strapped down to the leather-padded bench,

there’s little leeway to turn his head from Honey’s baleful stare. Under that hard gaze Xet finds

all his outrage and belligerence bleeding away like the cold sweat that's starting to trickle down

his spine. He bites down on the gag Edge has roughly forced between his teeth, trying to

breathe evenly around the broad rubber ball instead of letting panic drive him into a wheezing



It’s the silence that’s really getting to him. Normally Honey’s voice -- warm and whisky-smooth --

is a constant accompaniment, whether he’s narrating for Chara’s benefit or demanding Xet’s

compliance. He hasn’t said a word since entering the playroom, only smoked his way through a

fresh cigarette with ominous intensity, watching Xet in furious, judging silence.


It’s nearly burned down to the filter before Honey finally says, “You really have no idea how

much trouble you’re in.”


Xet huffs, the gag denying him the capacity for a proper reply -- probably for the best, because

he’s tempted to complain that it isn’t his fucking fault. Red was the one throwing his soul out like

a bitch in heat, practically begging Xet to take advantage. The little bastard probably planned it

that way, playing the victim, pretending like he hadn’t wanted it despite making such an obscene



(Never mind that he’d looked just as shocked as Xet, and infinitely more horrified when the

larger skeleton had instinctively reached for his already slick, shimmering soul. It’s still not Xet’s

fault. That light had tempted him, hypnotised him; an unprecedented offering that no one has

ever made to him before.


He should have known it was a trap.)



Honey straightens up, each movement slow and precise, but somehow Xet still feels like a

dumbstruck bystander in the path of an oncoming landslide. He jerks frantically against the

straps holding him down, but the bench is sturdy and the bonds unyieldingly stringent. He’s bent

over on all fours, forearms and shins cinched by thick leather belts to a lower shelf, whilst his

ribs and hips are secured to a higher one. His skull and pelvis are level at a height that’s

blatantly fuckable, giving him a very unfortunate premonition of what’s to come.


“I warned you that Red was off-limits,” Honey says, circling around Xet’s helpless form. Xet tries

to keep him in view, but the short chain that leashes his collar to the front of the bench keeps his

head from turning, pulling him up short with an unpleasant jolt. “I told you not to touch him.”


Honey’s rules are a load of shit, in Xet’s opinion. It seems like there’s new ones every day. Stay

out of the second floor. No taking food back to the bedrooms. No jerking off in the shower

unless supervised. Xet could hardly be blamed if he’s forgotten or confused a few, considering

how much there is to remember. Besides, as much effort as Honey puts in to making the rules,

Chara seems to enjoy it when their pets are testing those boundaries, if not breaking them

outright. Xet had thought it might suit their mercurial mood to see Red writhing on the floor, his

soul dripping obscene fluids all over Xet’s hands.


He can still feel the tingle of soul-heat on his fingers. It’s a disconcerting contrast to the chill

shuddering down his spine as Honey leans over him.


“Maybe I wasn’t firm enough,” Honey muses aloud, one hand coming to rest at the base of Xet’s

tail. It’s not quite at the spot that makes Xet’s knees go weak and his spine turn to jelly, but it’s

close enough that he flinches, whining against the gag. Honey’s grip tightens, keeping his pelvis

still as Xet tries to wriggle away from his hold. “So this time, we’ll make sure the lesson sticks.”


The hiss of the cigarette being snuffed out reaches Xet before the pain does. He stills,

bewildered by the odd pinch against his sacrum before the sensation of burning floods his

nerves, and he shrieks, wrenching violently against the restraints holding him to the bench. The

butt of the cigarette is only a small point of heat, but against the side of his tail if feels like

agony. The bone is sensitive there, delicate and soft, and he can feel it blacken and char as

Honey deliberately grinds the cigarette against him, smothering the embers.


Even after he pulls back, Xet’s bones tremble with the aftershocks. It’s different from the pain of

bruised sockets and cracked bones from whenever he and Edge face off in the arena. It’s

sharper, more immediate, drowning out all other thought except the maddened animal instinct to

flee from the cause of the pain. Running isn’t an option, however, so instead his body goes rigid,

as if stillness can render him invisible to Honey’s attention.


For a long moment, his stupid instincts convince him that it’s working. Honey ignores Xet in

favour of lighting up another cigarette and taking a long languid inhale. Smoke itches at Xet’s

nose, along with the more sour taint of burnt bone.


“Let’s go over some of the ground rules, since you seem to have forgotten them,” Honey tells

him, putting an end to Xet’s pitiful hopes that Honey might be finished with him already. His

hand runs slowly up Xet’s back, phalanges tapping each disc of his vertebrae in turn until he

comes to a pause between Xet’s scapulae. “We’ll start with the most important one: touching

anyone else’s soul is completely forbidden.”


The sudden pull between Xet’s shoulder-blades feels like a sucker-punch to the ribs, driving all

the breath from his ribcage as Honey drags his soul into the open. The empty space it leaves

behind is a cold knot of panic, hollow and harrowing as he feels Honey’s fingers gently cup

around his naked core. He’s not quite touching it, but it’s close enough to be overwhelming.


“Even with care and a lot of good intent, it’s too easy to make mistakes with souls,” Honey says,

and through his soul Xet feels a brief flash of something bitter and self-recriminatory that isn’t at

all present in Honey’s voice. “One careless move and you can break one.”


Honey’s phalanges curl slightly, just barely brushing the outer surface of Xet’s soul, leaving him

reeling from the intense frisson of contact. Honey’s emotions - that flash of guilt and the dark

cloud of his anger -- are carefully hidden away, receding like silt settling to the bottom of a river.

All Xet can feel from him is a domineering calm that makes him feel like a puppet on strings. His

limbs twitch with each small motion of Honey’s fingers, responding clumsily to the gentle strum

of his intent.


Honey moves to stand in front of him, cupping Xet’s sealed jaw with his free hand. In the other,

Xet’s soul pulses with light, fluttering against the cage of Honey’s fingers. It’s faintly mortifying,

seeing it out in the open; a little on the small side for a monster of his size, the lobes slightly

uneven, the imperfection more pronounced by its thin, starved shape. Nevertheless, there’s no

cracks in Xet’s soul. It’s a point of pride. No one, not even his father, has hurt him enough to

leave that kind of scar.


It horrifies him that Honey might be the first.


“Are you going to summon your pussy for me?” Honey asks mildly, and Xet’s too-aware of how

easily his composure might slip, letting a wayward emotion like irritation or impatience slip

through to pierce Xet’s soul like a knife. “Or are we doing this the hard way?”


He has every reason to comply, to do whatever it takes to appease Honey while his soul is at

risk, but stupidly he can’t think around the tightness in his ribs and the metallic taste of fear in

the back of his throat. He pants, eyes squeezed shut, trying to will his magic into shape. Maybe

it would be easier if Honey asked for his dick, which is more familiar and comfortable, but none

of his experiences with his pussy have been pleasant ones and his frantic thoughts can’t

remember how to form it in his pelvis.


Honey must be able to feel something of his growing hysteria, because he gives a deep sigh.

The feeling that floods Xet’s soul is a wet, dizzying heat like whenever Chara sends him out to

work in the greenhouse. It’s sudden and smothering, making him squirm with a grunt as it wells

up between his bones.


“Guess I’ll have to help you out, huh,” Honey says, his eyelights boring into Xet’s soul with a

discomforting focus. Though the soul itself glows pale as moonlight, the slick that’s starting to

condense over its surface is tinted faintly green to match Xet’s primary trait. There’s an

undulating ripple of discomfort that rolls through his jaw construct as Honey’s will bears down on

his magic, forcing it to take shape, and weight and pressure bloom with unrelenting suddenness

from the bottom of his ribs all the way down to his kneecaps. His ecto-flesh takes form,

swallowing his bones beneath their constricting exterior, forcing the straps around him even

tighter as his body fills out, stomach, ass and thighs all settling into place along with the pussy

Honey demanded from him.


It’s never comfortable having someone else shape his magic. Threads of orange pull across his

skin like badly sewn stitches. His ecto-flesh feels too tight and heavy, pressing out against his

floating ribs and squeezing around his spine like an inescapable fist. His abdomen already feels

over-full, an aching discomfort settling in his pelvic cavity, and even without being touched, his

pussy feels swollen and sensitive. He tries to push his thighs apart, fighting the straps holding

down his calves and flexing his hips to relieve the pressure. The puffy lips of his labia rub

together, sticky and slick already with the arousal Honey forced on him.


Honey himself isn’t entirely unaffected. Xet can smell him, the sweat of his exertion and that

distinct sweetness of his natural scent unfurling with lust. He gives Xet a condescending pat on

the nose before circling back around to admire his handiwork.



“How’s that feel?” Honey asks in a tone that might have seemed considerate if he hadn’t

followed it up with two fingers sliding aggressively down Xet’s slit. He squawks, squirming

helplessly as Honey crudely examines him, prying his lips apart and flicking a fingertip over

Xet’s clit to ensure it’s in the right place, before circling back to his entrance. His fingers slide

with merciless ease into Xet, but unlike all the times he’s summoned his own pussy, there’s no

stab of agonising pain. His body yields easily, all but sucking Honey’s fingers in, bearing down

on them greedily.


“Good enough.” Honey’s fingers unceremoniously slip out of him, and Xet hates the whine of

disappointment that slips out of him. His hips buck, rutting senselessly at the air, but there’s

nothing to ease the now maddening urgency of the emptiness inside him. It’s nearly more

distracting than the absence of his soul, which is now dripping over Honey’s palm. The eager

spill of soul-fluid makes it slide against Honey’s fingers, and Xet gives a shuddering groan as

Honey is forced to tighten his grip, giving the soul an inadvertent squeeze.


“Lucky for you, I’m not gonna take any risks with this.” Honey lifts the soul with magic, guiding it

back towards Xet’s ribcage and letting it dispel back into its rightful place. The protective buffer

of Honey’s calm is stripped away, leaving everything feeling sharper, more threatening. “But that

doesn’t mean you’re getting off lightly. Come here, Edge.”


Xet nearly starts, having forgotten Edge’s silent, furious presence lingering on the sidelines. He

approaches obediently at Honey’s call. Having the two of them looming over him makes Xet

swallow dryly around the gag, tasting acrid rubber and sickly regret.


Edge’s expression is still set in a deep scowl, as if his face were caught that way the moment he

discovered Xet and Red in the corridor, but it softens somewhat as Honey’s arms twine around

his shoulders. His hands move over Edge’s ribs with a slow sensuality that makes Xet burn with

unfamiliar envy. The feeling grows as Honey’s touch drifts lower, pawing at Edge’s belt, tugging

it loose and opening up his fly.


“Since Edge has so generously offered to help me,” Honey begins, reaching down the front of

Edge’s pants to cup at his pubic symphysis, “we’re going to try something a little different.”


Even with his skull strapped level with Edge’s hips, Xet can’t fully make out what Honey is

doing. His view is obstructed by fabric that stretches and undulates obscenely, its soft rustling

not quite enough to cover up the hitch of Edge’s breath. Xet can’t tear his eyes away, even as

he feels his pussy clench and a thin rivulet of fluid trickle its way down his thigh. What little he

can see of the sinuous movements of Honey’s wrist make it look like he’s giving the world’s

most exquisite hand-job, but as flashes of red and yellow light mingle and flare between the two

of them Xet starts to realise what’s happening.


The cock that Honey draws out is attached to Edge, but it’s not his the same way Xet’s current

ecto-body isn’t fully his own. It has the same flecks of orange across its surface, like veins of

gold in a rockbed, creating a much more aesthetically pleasing contrast than the muddy streaks

in Xet’s flesh. Edge’s cock, which Xet is unfortunately very familiar with, was an intimidating

construct all on its own, but what Honey has created is a monstrous looking shaft, longer,

thicker and covered in aggressive looking ridges that promise more pain than pleasure in their

use. There’s a swollen knot at the base, already nearly the size of a closed fist. Like his own

genitals, Honey’s intent has made Edge’s construct appear already flushed with arousal, and

though his generous stroking smears the trickle of precome at the head, there’s not nearly

enough slickness to provide any decent kind of lubrication for what’s to come.


“Worried?” Honey asks mildly, and belatedly Xet becomes aware that he’s making a high whine

of fear behind his gag. “Don’t worry. You don’t have any organs to rupture and your body’s

pretty flexible. You can take it.”


With what limited capacity he has for movement, Xet violently shakes his head. Hell no, he’s

pretty fucking sure he can’t. That cock is going to murder him. He’s sure his pussy’s never taken

anything even half that size.


“Wanna bet?” Honey teases, his eyelights glinting wickedly. He tauntingly waves his cigarettes

in front of Xet’s nose. “Tell you what, I’ll bet you the rest of this pack that you can take it.”


The sound Xet gurgles at him is very clearly an obscenity, but Honey just smiles wider and gives

Edge an encouraging nudge. “I guess we’ll find out if I’m right, huh? Hope you don’t mind me

having a few more of these in the meantime.”


His latest cigarette is barely smoldering, but it still burns like a motherfucker when Honey tamps

it out on the curve of Xet’s ass. His ecto-flesh has better cushioning than his bones, but it’s just

as sensitive, and Xet screws his sockets shut tight and whimpers through the pain until the

worst of it passes. Honey’s already lighting up again, his expression almost indifferent as the

tangy scent of scalded magic fills the air.


The pain isn’t enough of a distraction for him to miss Edge coming up behind him, already

breathing hard like they’ve gone a few rounds in the arena. Honey’s gotten him all worked up,

so much that his usual stern control is visibly wavering. His phalanges clatter with their trembling

until he grips Xet’s hips, holding too hard as he lines himself up. The first brush of his cock

against Xet’s wet pussy makes them both gasp, though Xet’s is as much in horror as want. He

turns a pleading gaze on Honey, but the other skeleton is looking at Edge, ignoring Xet’s urgent



“Go on,” he cajoles, gentle and soothing. “No need to hold back.”


Honey’s encouragement is all it takes to snap the thin threads of Edge’s restraint. With a

hungry, animal sound he pushes into Xet, cleaving him open with his cock. Xet’s body snaps

tight, disbelief and the sudden brutal stretch making him seize in panic. As wet and ready as his

pussy is, the penetration is too sudden, too much, and he wails whole-heartedly into his gag,

fighting the intrusion with every inch of his being.


Tensing only makes it harder on himself. The tightening of his passage a pitiful defence against

Edge’s strength and leverage. His cunt is forced open by agonising, unrelenting increments, and

no amount of spasming or jerking against his restraints manages to slow or ease its progress.

His muffled shrieks aren’t even strong enough to rival Edge’s heavy pants and gratified groans

as he buries himself in Xet’s body. The barbs on his cock viciously scrape Xet’s inner walls,

helping him claw his way inside and driving every coherent thought from Xet’s skull.


The sheer difficulty of the fit forces Edge to go slow, drawing out the process for what feels like

a merciless eternity. There’s a point where Edge seems to hit some wall of resistance, and for a

desperate moment Xet thinks Edge must have hit the limit of what his pussy can hold, but all

Edge does is flex his claws in Xet’s hips and change the angle, and suddenly he’s sinking in

impossibly deeper. Xet’s ecto-body throbs hotly with warning, the skin tight and tingling. He’s

sure he’ll break, his magic ready to rupture, but despite how unnatural it feels, his insides shift

and stretch and distort until it somehow manages to accommodate the thick intrusion.


Xet wheezes, trying to breathe, but it feels like there’s no room left inside him for the air to even

fit. His sockets are open, but he can’t see anything past the sheer overwhelm of sensation.

There’s magic pouring down his face, sweat or tears, he can’t tell but he suspects the latter.

There’s a ringing in his head like he wants to pass out, but worse than the pain is the distant

thrum of hateful eagerness. Honey’s intent is sewn all the way through his ecto-body, and

visceral want is stitched into his skin, resonating with the equally powerful veins of arousal

pulsing through Edge’s cock. There’s a hateful connection there, a rapturous feedback loop of

urgency that makes his pussy give an urgent twitch. Despite the agony he’s in, his cunt wants

Edge to move, wants the painful grind of dirty friction no matter how much those spines threaten

to rub him raw, and he already feels on the verge of falling apart. He can’t imagine taking any




“Looks like I was right.” Honey’s smug voice seems to come from a long distance away. Xet

barely feels the distant twinge of his stats being checked, ensuring that his generous HP hasn’t

actually been touched despite how agonised his moans sound. “You took the whole thing. How

about that.”


“Barely,” Edge hisses, sounding strained. He adjusts his grip, clawing at Xet’s ribs for a better

handhold to keep their bodies flushed together, or perhaps just to keep himself from giving in to

his own urges and thrusting with mindless need. “F-fuck, it’s so tight.”


“I did tell you, you don’t need to hold back,” Honey says, sing-song and cheerful. “Use him as

much as you like. He can take it.”


There’s the barest pause, a stark hesitation in Edge that lasts only until Honey says in a voice

thick with reassurance, “I’ll take care of everything. Do it.”


That’s all the convincing Edge needs. With a shaking breath, he pulls back a bare fraction of an

inch. The barbs on his cock hook into the walls of Xet’s pussy, making the flesh pull in a

foreign, uncomfortable way that has Xet’s bones rattling in anticipation. His cunt clenches with

wild abandon, making him maddeningly aware of every thorn and ridge in Edge’s cock as it

slides into him in a shallow but mind-blowing thrust. It hits Xet with the force of a concussion, a

visceral blow that leaves him reeling. Saliva drips obscenely and without dignity from the

corners of his mouth, wet bubbles frothing as he wheezes through the powerful sucker-punch of



“That’s it,” Honey soothes, and although the words aren’t for him, Xet latches onto them like a

lifeline, trying to surface from the tidal wave of hurt and need pressing down on him. “Just let go.

Your body knows what to do.”


Xet’s body is a mess of conflicting signals, every nerve screaming in protest. Edge’s cock is

cleaving into him, each thrust like a punch he can feel behind his naval, but with Honey’s warm

encouragement his body coils tight with heat and want. Climaxing with his pussy has always

been a difficult, unpleasant chore except when Honey forms his magic for him. Then his

ecto-flesh seems to sing with ecstatic abandon, surrendering with mortifying eagerness in its

submission. All it takes is one sharp, uneven thrust from Edge and Xet is screaming, his body

alight in the conflagration of orgasm.


The blissful, brutal euphoria gives way far too soon, and as Xet comes down his body wracked

with convulsions of a different kind. Edge has found a rhythm, ignoring the feeble twitches of

Xet’s thighs and hips, and he chases it with a relentless, almost trance-like drive that’s

completely heedless of Xet’s discomfort.


It was already too much, but now there’s not even the promise of oncoming relief to anticipate

as a reprieve to the torture. Edge is maddeningly hard, but even though he’s not holding himself

back he doesn’t seem to be ready to reach with the same swift violence that Xet reached his.

Instead, he seems caught up in the rhythm of his thrusting, spurred on by the harsh friction of

their bodies colliding and Honey’s generous encouragements.


Xet’s body is still primed for orgasm, but each successive climax feels less gratifying and more

agonising. Overstimulation makes his nerves feel raw, his pseudo-skin burning beneath Edge’s

clawing grip. Each violent thrust makes his flesh swell, trying to cushion against the violent

impacts, which just leaves his passage feeling pinched and tight as it’s repeatedly stuffed to

bursting fullness. His cunt tries to keep up with Edge’s merciless pace, but eventually

exhaustion overcomes the unrelenting arousal. By the fourth orgasm, his pussy barely gives a

satisfying throb, hardly twitching around Edge’s cock. He feels used and stretched, but there’s

still no adjustment or relief with how tightly his body is wrapped around Edge’s shaft as it

impales him over and over again.


He can’t imagine feeling any more full, but he’s proven distressingly wrong when Edge finally

comes, his body quaking against Xet’s back as a veritable torrent of cum is emptied deep inside

him. His delirious exhaustion gives way to fresh, discomforted panic as his stomach starts to

swell, Edge’s seed settling heavily in his belly which can only try to stretch to hold it all. His

ecto-flesh distends in an alarming fashion, more uncomfortable than truly painful, but he hates

it; hates the feeling of the bloated, tender bump of his belly weighing him down like his soul has

been turned blue. Hates that even as Edge pulls out, his body is still thrumming with that

disgusting fullness which somehow pushes him into another painful, wracking orgasm. It leaves

him wheezing, dizzy with the exertion. He goes limp, slumping over the bench, trying

desperately to catch his breath.


“Need a break?” Honey’s voice sounds distant, meaningless. “That’s fine. I’ll take over for a bit.”


Xet’s on the verge of passing out, but the vicious searing of another cigarette being quenched

on his asscheek brings him painfully back to alertness with a flush of fresh adrenaline. Honey

slaps his abused rump for good measure, making the liquid in Xet’s belly slosh unpleasantly

from the jolt.



“You look good like this,” Honey observes, his hand patting the side of Xet’s swollen belly.

Thankfully he’s more careful than he was with Xet’s ass. He feels like a thump to the stomach

might make him throw up or simply burst like a ruptured balloon. “Let’s keep all of Edge’s hard

work in place, yeah?”


Xet can’t even begin to fathom what that means until something hard and inanimate is shoved

between the lips of his abused pussy, plugging him up. He twitches feebly, but the muscles of

his passage are too bruised and worn to try dislodging the thick toy. It stays firmly lodged inside

him, keeping any of Edge’s cum from seeping out.


“There you go,” Honey says, smug and satisfied. “Now I bet after all that hard work, you’re

feeling hungry, right?”


Xet’s belly gives an unpleasant churning turn. His ecto-flesh construct is too simple to have

proper organs, so there’ll be no difference between something he swallows and the bloated

cavity currently filled with Edge’s cum. He’s pushed Snas and Snansy to the limit of their small

bodies, leaving them similarly bloated and used. He knows, logically, that ecto-flesh is magic

and therefore more flexible than flesh ever could be, but now that it’s his own at risk all he can

think about is the agonising backlash he’ll suffer when it bursts from fullness. He can’t imagine

taking much more, but he’s too numb and exhausted to struggle much when Honey lifts his chin

and starts removing his gag.


As soon as the rubber ball is removed he heaves a wet, desperate breath that sounds a little too

much like a sob. With difficulty, he lifts his gaze. Honey’s eye-lights are gleaming in a way that’s

eerily like Chara, a kind of manic pleasure that makes his soul clench painfully. Honey swipes a

thumb through the wet trail under his eye-socket, smirk widening at the smear of salty tears.


“Now you’re not gonna make this difficult for me, are you?” Honey asks softly.


He doesn’t need to say, I can make this so much worse for you. Xet hears it loud and clear.

With a quiet, broken sound he obediently opens his mouth, trying not to think of the way the

bump of his belly is pressing against the underside of his ribs.


The cock Honey has summoned is thankfully its normal size and shape. Familiarity makes Xet

almost eager, carefully closing his fangs around the base of the cock. The shape of his skull

means there’s a lot more of his mouth and tongue to fill before anything reaches his throat, and

right now that’s to his advantage. He’ll be saved from choking as long as he can keep Honey

satisfied, and to that effort he licks fervently along the underside of the shaft, tasting the

sticky-sweetness that’s unique to Honey’s magic.


Honey’s hands come to rest on the sides of his skull, a warning hold rather than an attempt to

guide him, but unlike usual there’s no encouragement or feedback. Normally Honey will praise

him at the barest hint of compliance, trying to reinforce good behavior, but this time there’s

nothing. Honey’s body is still tight with tension, his hips unmoving, not even trying to thrust. If

Xet’s efforts are pleasing him, there’s no sign of it, which makes a cold, clammy sweat of dread

break out over Xet’s bones.


Desperation pushes him past the wall of his exhaustion. Years of practicing with his ecto-jaw

has made his tongue flexible enough to wrap right around Honey’s cock, sinuous as a snake,

able to tighten and squeeze almost as deftly as his fingers could. He forces himself to swallow

Honey down until he can feel the head of his cock pressing up against the back of his throat,

cutting off his breath. He sucks firmly, finally feeling the first interested throb of interest as

Honey’s cock pulses in his mouth. Relief almost makes him gasp, but he can’t afford to spare

the air. It’s taking every effort to ignore the way his ribs ache, the way his body burns as he

worships the length of Honey’s cock with as much sloppy technique as he can rally and-


He’s familiar enough with Honey’s cock to know what it means when that first splash of

ejaculate hits his throat, but before he can pull back Honey’s hands have clamped down hard on

his muzzle, keeping it locked closed and immobilised as he cums hot and urgently down the

back of Xet’s throat. Xet jerks unhappily, but dutifully forces himself to drink it all down, each

swallow making Honey’s cock bob against the back of his throat. There’s not nearly as much

cum as Edge emptied into him, but even so, he thinks he can feel his stomach bulging, getting

heavier and rounder. His eyes sting with bitter tears, but there’s nothing he can do but endure

until Honey’s finally finished. He pulls out of Xet’s mouth, his shaft dripping obscenely with all of

Xet’s saliva.


Xet coughs and splutters, finally heaving in a much needed breath. His first impulse is to try and

throw up, but he knows instinctively what an utterly terrible idea that would be, so he forcefully

holds it back, swallowing reflexively to try to appease his gag reflex. His whole body is trembling

from the effort, bones rattling noisily against each other, impossible to quell. The floor beneath

his face is just a giant puddle of fluids, his spit and tears and sweat spreading in a viscous pool,

dappled with a few jarring drops of orange like flowers in muddy swamp water. He stares

dazedly into it, trying to take stock of himself.


He hurts almost everywhere, but most of it is centred in his pussy. Even after coming repeatedly

in several brutal, helpless orgasms, there’s still an unsatisfied heat in his cunt that’s clamoring

for his attention, almost louder than the pain. Edge’s cock has scoured his passage raw, the tiny

barbs leaving cruel scrapes in their wake, and the addition of the plug means he can feel them

every time he twitches. No amount of squirming or pushing seems to shift the plug, either to

eject it or shift it into some more gratifying position. The bench beneath him is equally useless,

too wet to provide any friction for him to rut against. He knows there’s no way he’ll be able to

bring himself to climax, but that doesn’t seem to be able to stop his hips from rocking mindlessly

in the slippery filth of his own arousal.


His stomach isn’t as sore, but the unfamiliar weight of it is almost as discomforting. The way it

pressed into the basin of his pelvic cavity and the undersides of his rib-cage feels as restrictive

as the straps on the bench, helping keep him immobilised. The inside of his belly tingles where

Edge and Honey’s magic have joined in a shimmering mix of red and gold. The spent magic is

still hot, broiling with the essence of their pleasure, making it even harder to ignore the urgent

throbbing of his clit and pussy. Arousal clashes confusingly with the sheer disgust he feels at his

stretched and bloated ecto-flesh. He feels heavy and uncomfortable and wrong, and still

distractingly and undeniably turned on. It’s intolerable.


“Still with me?” Honey asks. As much as Xet doesn’t want to, he forces his heavy skull to lift and

bob in a painful nod. When he risks a glance upward, he’s distressed to see that Honey’s

expression still hasn’t softened along with his dick. There’s no mercy in his face as he tilts his

skull towards Edge and asks, “You up for another round? Our naughty pet still has another hole

to fill.”


Xet jerks in horror, all thoughts of pride and dignity abandoned in a soul-beat. “N-no, please,

enough! I’ve learned my lesson, I swear, I won’t do it again!”


“Well?” Honey asks Edge, as if he hasn’t heard Xet at all. “I can help with your magic again, if

you need it.”


“H-honey, master, sir, please!” Xet pleads desperately. He’s been made to beg before, but

never such pitiful, wretched grovelling. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t think he can handle another

brutal fuck from Edge. His pussy barely endured that monsterous cock, and he doubts his ass

can handle the same, not to mention his gut feels on the verge of bursting. “I’ll behave! I’ll do

whatever you want! Please!”


“He sounds sincere,” Edge notes tentatively. It’s bizarre to think of him as a potential ally in this

situation, but Xet will take whatever he can get.


“Of course he does. That doesn’t mean we’re finished.” Honey’s tone is calm and utterly pitiless.


Xet whimpers, thrashing weakly against the restraints. His exhausted struggles fail to do

anything but make him nauseous as the cum in his stomach froths inside him with each

movement. He wretches around a miserable sob, not even caring about the tears leaking

steadily from his sockets dripping into the puddle beneath him.


“I think he is,” Edge argues, sounding halfway between his usual irritable self and the more

stoic, compliant creature he often becomes in Honey’s presence. He sounds a little incredulous

at himself, like he can’t quite believe he’s arguing.


“Does that mean you’re not gonna help?” Honey asks coolly. The dangerous note in his voice

makes Xet shudder even if it isn’t directed at him. Edge falters, struggling for a reply, but

thankfully Honey relents. His face shifts into a thin, soothing smile. “Hey, it’s fine. I’ll take care of

it, okay? You don’t need to worry.”


Edge goes quiet, eerily so. Xet can’t see him well from his current position, but if he twists at an

awkward angle he can just barely make out the perturbing blankness in Edge’s expression. It’s

empty, almost trance-like; utterly unsettling.


“Go get yourself cleaned up and take a break, yeah?” Honey says in that same placating tone.

“I’ll handle things here.”


Without a word, Edge turns on his heel and leaves, taking Xet’s last, futile hope with him. He

doesn’t have time to wonder at what the fuck he’s just witnessed. His entire awareness is

consumed by the harrowing knowledge that he’s alone with Honey, without a single witness or

savior to spare him from what’s coming.


“I guess it’s just you and me, huh?” Honey notes, taking a deep puff of his cigarette. It’s almost

burned down to the filter again. Xet instinctively cringes away from him as Honey moves closer,

phalanges trailing possessively down the length of Xet’s spine, all the way to the base of his tail.

“However shall we spend the time?”


“Please,” Xet whispers. His soul is tight with terror. His bones are quaking violently. “Please,

please, please-”


“I can gag you again,” Honey offers, and Xet bites off his next word, though he can’t stop the

high-pitched whines coming from his throat. Honey scoffs in amusement. “Good enough, I



If Xet had better control over his tail, he’d tuck it between his legs in valiant defence, but he’s too

panicked to even try. It hangs limply in a useless, rattling coil, and Honey easily lifts it out of the

way, exposing the throbbing spread of his pussy and the fearfully clenching pucker of his



“Huh. You’re leaking a bit,” Honey says, giving the plug in Xet’s pussy a judicious shove into a

better position. Xet squawks as the friction of the rubber stings against his inner walls and the

pressure in his belly tightens by a degree. Honey’s fingers delve into his slit, circling the plug

until he’s satisfied there’s no fresh wetness oozing past it. “There. Guess we shouldn’t waste

this, though.”


Slick fingers press against his asshole, working him open. Xet keens plaintively, knowing he

should try and relax to save himself from the burning stretch, but his body has ceased to obey

him. Every twitch and tremble is completely reflexive, uncontrolled. He’s never felt so helpless.


Honey’s not patient with him, barely giving Xet time to adjust as he shoves his phalanges in up

to the knuckle, and even though it hurts it also sends a twinge of reluctant want pulsing through

his clit. The moan is startled out of him, shaky and broken, and Honey pauses at the sound of it.


“Guess you weren’t done after all, huh?” Honey teases, sounding fractionally more like his

usual, playful self. His other hand creeps around the bloated swell of Xet’s stomach, searching

between his legs until it finds the hard nub of his clit. It’s so tender, even the light press of his

touch nearly makes Xet sob again, but he can’t stop his hips from trying to buck into the



“S-stop,” he quavers, forgetting Honey’s threat. His cunt is throbbing, body rutting mindlessly in

pursuit of the pleasure, but he’s so overstimulated he doesn’t think he can survive a proper

climax. “Don’t, please-!”


Honey snorts. “Really, pet? You’re not in any position to complain. I guess you need another

lesson after all.”


He takes his hand away, and for a moment Xet crumples in helpless relief, thinking he’s

escaped that particular torture...until a waft of cigarette smoke tickles his nose. He looks back to

see Honey blithely plucking his cigarette from between his teeth before starting to lower it back

down again, reaching back between Xet’s thighs. The sight of the smoldering, nearly

extinguished fuse on it fills him with an awful, horrifying premonition, and his senses dissolve

into full-blown panic.




He feels the heat hovering beneath his ecto-flesh, close enough for the skin to tingle in warning,

and for a fraction of a second he thinks Honey’s just trying to terrify him. He can’t, he won’t, he’s

so careful with the harem, he’s always scolding Chara about not causing real damage, he-




Honey plants the red-hot tip of the cigarette right against Xet’s clit, and the cluster of nerves

sparks in an agonising conflagration. It’s too intense to be called pleasure or even pain. His

mind can’t even comprehend it, shying away and shutting down in self defence even as his

body thrashes in mindless convulsions.


Honey grunts, only sounding annoyed even as Xet’s mind is dissolving from the sensory

overwhelm. “Hold still-!”


He latches on to Xet’s thrashing tail, right in the vulnerable area where once, long ago, Xet had

severed the limb, and the part of him that was frantically trying to hold himself together loses its

grip and shatters apart. His body goes stiff, still, every joint flexed and contorted, straining to its

limit...before abruptly going limp as his consciousness swirls like water circling a drain before

plunging down into seemingly endless darkness.


He thinks he hears Honey mutter, “Fuck,” before he succumbs to complex unconsciousness.




“Damnit, damnit,” Honey chants, silently cursing Chara’s preference for thick leather straps on

all of their play furniture. His fingers are slippery, painted red and green with mingling fluids, and

the stiff buckle resists his attempt to pry it open. He’s nearly ready to simply cut through it when

finally the catch gives, and he tears it free of Xet’s leg. The ecto-flesh above his knee is dark

and mottled, heavily bruised, but he’s less worried about the marks than the unsettling fact that

Xet isn’t reacting at all.


“Okay, pet, you did good. You’re all done now.” Xet probably can’t hear him, but Honey tries to

cajole him anyway, hoping to be proven wrong. The second leg strap comes off, and then the

ones across his back. Xet’s ribs are still rising and falling in short, shallow breaths. A check

confirms that his HP is down but not falling. He’s not dusting, but Honey knows he pushed a

little too far.


Fuck Edge for being right. He should have listened to that warning, but instead he’d callously

invoked the same phrase he’d inadvertently impressed on Edge’s broken soul to end the

argument, forcefully overriding Edge’s concerns. He’d been so sure he had a good read on

Xet’s body language, but either he’d been way off or there was something he was missing

because he hadn’t expected Xet to fold so suddenly and cataclysmically.


Before unbinding his wrists, he examines Xet’s face. His entire skull is tinted faintly green with

all the condensed magic, the trails thickest beneath his sockets. His eyes are still open, but the

eye-lights are completely diffused. The subdued haze in his sockets swirls aimlessly in mirrored

spirals. Their unfocused glow is the very definition of the phrase: the lights are on but nobody’s

home. Xet doesn’t even blink as Honey unbuckles the last of the bindings and pulls him free of

the bench.


“Okay, up we go,” he grunts, laboriously gathering Xet into his arms. He’s heavy, not just from

the additional weight of his tail, but also from the ecto-flesh that hasn’t dematerialised. Honey

huffs, staggering from the effort of carrying Xet across to the bathroom.

It’s a poor time for Chara to finally pipe up, sounding petulant and disappointed, “You should

have kept going.”


Honey resists the urge to shake his head as if he can dislodge their tiny voice like a fly buzzing

around his skull. Instead he remarks, “It wouldn’t be any fun for you. He’s not reacting



Chara gives a dissatisfied growl. “I’m not satisfied.”


As much as anyone can be, Red is their favourite. Xet touching Red’s soul is a very personal,

unforgivable offence.


“He’ll be suffering plenty when he wakes up,” Honey mollifies them. It’s more a statement of fact

than a promise to continue the punishment, but grudgingly they go quiet. Honey heaves a sigh

of relief, glad to be free of their distracting input as he gingerly lowers Xet down into the bathtub.


With finesse born of practice, he takes a moment to assess the crumpled form, ensuring that

there’s no serious damage he somehow missed to explain how suddenly Xet had passed out.

The marks on his ecto-flesh are all superficial, although Honey offers his own hiss of sympathy

at the blistered burn on his clit. That was his mistake, he thinks, and in the privacy of his own

skull he can admit that his own aggravation had been nearly as heated as Chara’s. He’s

probably setback Xet’s training, giving him another poor experience to resist using the pussy he

doesn’t seem able to summon correctly. Additional trauma will just compound the problem.


None of the bones beneath the ecto-flesh seem cracked or broken, but Honey will need it to

disappear before he can be completely sure. Mentally, he pulls at the threads of his own magic

woven through Xet’s flesh, but as he’d guessed it resists his attempt to unravel it, held in place

by the need to contain all the liquid still sloshing around in Xet’s abdomen.


“Guess we need to empty you out first,” he murmurs, petting the distinct bump of Xet’s stretched

belly. “We’ll just have to try this again some time.”


Xet’s still lifeless, unable to voice any sort of complaint to the proposal, though he does make a

soft sound as Honey works the plug out of his pussy. A small gush of red cum spills out with the

toy, but almost immediately the flow slows to a trickle.


“You’re still pretty tight, huh? Thought Edge would have fucked you open.” He puts a hand on

Xet’s stomach and starts applying careful pressure, using his fingers to spread the lips of Xet’s

pussy to encourage him to empty himself. That finally seems to spark a hint of life in Xet,

rousing him with a plaintive, unhappy whine.


“Hey,” Honey greets, keeping his own voice gentle as Xet blinks dazedly. “Help me out here.

You need to push if you want this out.”


“Fuck,” Xet rasps, his voice scratchy and weak. He looks down at himself, his expression like

someone waking from one nightmare into another. His thighs quiver, and his cheeks flush

brightly with humiliation. “Fuuuuuuuck...”


“Push,” Honey reminds him, pressing down pointedly on Xet’s stomach. The other skeleton lets

out a mournful wail, resisting him for a moment, but he’s too tired to really struggle. A fresh flood

of cum spurts from his pussy with an obscene sound. Xet weakly covers his sockets with a

shaking hand, his body rattling with mortification.


Honey needs to start fixing his mistake. Quirking a brow at the river of red now flowing down

towards the drain, he says, “Kinda looks like someone murdered a human here.”


Xet startles, releasing a sound that’s not quite a laugh, choked and incredulous.

Honey grins at him. “Yeah, I know. Humans are messier. Plus you gotta think about where

you’re gonna bury the body...”


He keeps talking, a low and unceasing stream of careless bullshit to help calm Xet’s skittish

instincts. It takes a long time for Xet to release the contents of his stomach, the flow stopping

and starting in short bursts as Xet has to force his exhausted and overtaxed muscles to tense.

Honey helps as much as he can, but Xet’s understandably wary, freezing every time Honey

moves too fast and shying away from his handling. It’s exasperating enough that Honey almost

wants to give up on patience and hold him down, but he figures this is the price he has to pay

for being careless.


Finally, Xet’s belly has only a faint tint of crimson and most of Edge’s cum has been safely

released down the drain. “That should be enough. You can get rid of this now.”


He gives Xet’s flank a gentle pat, pretending not to notice the way Xet cringes from him. The

pseudo-flesh starts to dissolve away in a slow, uneven recession. The mottled bruises and the

burns across his backside are the last to disappear, the injuries catching like snarls in a piece of

thread. Finally they vanish, leaving Xet visibly sweating from the effort. All the liquid residue

has splattered down across his spine and pelvis, but even beneath the mess Honey can see

Xet’s bones are glowing softly. Some part of that -- either the release of all the liquid or freedom

from his aching flesh -- must have been enough to stimulate him again. Honey almost reaches

down before catching himself, diverting his hand away to take the shower nozzle instead.


“Want some help cleaning up?” he offers. Normally he wouldn’t give Xet a choice, but he’s

feeling faintly guilty. Unsurprisingly, Xet shakes his head, looking meek and downtrodden. It’s a

stark change from his usual grudging resentment.


(So much like Edge was after his breaking.)


“Okay. You have ten minutes. I’ll be back shortly.” Honey convinces himself he’s not a coward

as he hands Xet the nozzle and flees from the room, escaping into the corridor. He’s only taking

a well-deserved break, he tells himself as he shakingly lights up another cigarette, bringing it to his

mouth like it’s an oxygen mask, inhaling deeply. Behind the closed bathroom door, he can hear

the muffled sound of Xet groaning, probably getting himself off with the showerhead as fast as

possible before Honey returns.


It’s fine. Xet’s soul isn’t cracked. Honey went to far, but he didn’t make that particular mistake

again. He’ll just give Xet more careful handling for the next week. It’ll be fine.


And if Edge is feeling sassy enough to say, ‘I told you so,’ well, Honey probably deserves it.

Being rightfully told off would feel better than the uncomfortable skittering of his sins crawling on

his back.